Anonymous: Don't say you're worth much, you're worth quite a lot. Some people just don't have good eyes so they can't see the beauty in front of them. Try to stay strong, ok? Because you're lovely and deserve so much more.

Thank you. That actually meant a lot. You’re very kind, thank you.

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when ya mama forgets to ask for the change back


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A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
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I’m really getting tired of people choosing money over me. I mean I’m not worth much, but still.

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So my friend thenameismelody got to go to DallasCon and do a photo-op with Jensen Ackles.

She liked the photo, except hair was sticking out a little in the back.


So she asked me to photoshop it and delete it out.


I let her know that I erased it. She informed…

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